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Article writing has got very popular recently but does it still work
Heres some research based on some of my own articles. Ive got data stretching back to 2003 so lets have a look and see if article writing for advertising and money making purposes is worthwhile…
Lots of people believe Im wasting my time writing articles. Maybe individuals will believe you happen to be crazy to waste your time writing for HubPages. Are they ideal
The problem is the fact that HubPages has only been close to considering that 2006. Thats not plenty of time to gauge good results. Even so I am lucky enough to have signed up for AdSense in 2003. I have quite a bit much more data to play with
Heres an exciting chart beneath. This chart is derived from my AdSense information for a few of my content articles in a certain IT-related topic. I began writing them in 2004. I wrote some more articles in 2005 and 2007. I now have 25 content articles on the topic.
The bar chart shows the amount of day-to-day page views. Look how the amount of page views has soared I thought I was performing well acquiring 200 visits daily by early 2005. Kindle comparison chart But by the middle of 2007 I was acquiring 600 views daily
So if were just after guests then post advertising is plainly a winner
The Google freshness impact
One particular intriguing observation is that as I added additional pages in 2005 and 2007 the amount of views spiked then they really decreased This is very typical and I think it is connected to referrals from Googles search benefits. Google loves fresh subject material and will boost the search rankings of updated material. This effect fades over time. Even so higher quality subject material stands the check of time. The pages getting links from other web sites also helps. Naturally its also improved to create about a topic that will still be preferred immediately after numerous years an evergreen subject.
The take home message from this chart is the fact that your Hub visits and therefore your earnings from those Hubs really should gradually increase with time.
By the way Ive by no means genuinely been into back linking. I hardly ever hyperlink my content articles from websites aside from my current network of websites.
Earning funds from report writing
The other issue to discover in this chart is the red earnings line. This shows just how much these content articles have earnt in total by AdSense. The total to January 2010 is 160 from 25 net pages. Every single net page has thus earnt me six.40. Thats not a lousy quantity thinking of each one particular took just 30 minutes to write. They have essentially been quite a bit additional effective after you realise that- The articles are inside a technologies niche with very poor click as a result of rates. A number of my other pages have click as a result of rates that happen to be considerably a great deal greater. It wasnt till February 2010 that I realised that by placing my AdSense blocks in much better places I could get 5x as substantially AdSense revenue from my internet site Yikes instead of earning 160 I could have earned 800 I place YieldBuild on my website which more boosted AdSense income. These content articles are still generating AdSense earnings Sadly I cannot update the chart as my AdSense data is now appearing as YieldBuild information in lieu of the particular AdSense Channel I setup in 2003.
Affiliate and product advertising success
I only wrote these articles to be able to marketplace my personal software merchandise. Every single page has sold not less than a single 49.95 product per year.
So lets redo the math If I had been superior at AdSense placement way back in 2004 and assuming every single post sold a single 49.95 item a year then by my rough calculations every single page has earned me 152 as much as January 2010. How numerous other strategies could you earn 304 per hour For reference the 2010 UK minimum wage is five.93 per hour.
So to summarise my chart proves that writing content articles is lucrative. Youll be able to do reasonably properly from AdSense alone. But if your articles are inside the kinds of topics where you are able to market related eBooks computer software or other affiliate links to goods and solutions then post writing is possibly as rewarding as operating on Wall Street The good point is that you do not even should sell that many eBooks or other products from eachpage so that you can get an enormous return on the time you spent writing that page in the very first place.
Discover extra about post writing
This post was taken from my HubPages Success guide. In this guide youll come across quite a few far more hints and suggestions for bettering your earnings from onlinearticle writing. Kindle comparison chart

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