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As a book publicist I have a strong opinion about book tours. Authors tend to think they are a great idea because they see Bill and Hillary Clinton Rachael Ray Howard Stern and other big names out on the circuit and feel that is the way to market a ebook.
Frankly its just 1 method to promote a e-book and is also a component within the general promoting of the e-book. The reality is the fact that unless of course youre well-known itll be you the flower vase along with your e-book at the small table watching for folks to approach you. Now do not get me wrong book signings can be incredibly useful and even when you dont market publications it gives the media a reason to create about your e-book right now as a way to promote the event. With out that reason to perform the story appropriate now theyve lots of other textbooks to write about because most reviewers are deluged with dozens to hundreds of textbooks every week. And thats exactly where I believe book signings and book tours are most beneficial. Free ebook for kindle In reality e-book stores which have turned down a customer will happily book them understanding a point out of their retailer might be in an upcoming article. Westwind Communications has obtained media protection and then pitched a e-book shop with a guaranteed point out when they guide the writer. This method normally operates. How can they refuse The PR for your e-book signing which might be tricky and time consuming for them is already completed. E-book shops want enough lead time for you to put an announcement within their newsletter receive a press release out to their contacts create flyers and in-store advertising. They dislike last moment plans and who can blame them So it is significant to work a number of months upfront if attainable. But ought to you get a media interview and you realize it is likely to hit on a particular date then it makes perception to pitch a e-book signing towards the area e-book shops after which get again towards the media outlet to include that look in at the end on the tale.

Guide shops also prefer to possess the guide readily available in -their system- just before reserving an author signing. This means the book must be readily available on their laptop or computer once they look it up so it could be ordered through typical channels IE their very own technique Baker and Taylor and so on. You will discover exceptions to every thing and occasionally an writer can convey publications in to the retailer and provide them giving the retailer the revenue from each and every guide as it would expect. But that tends to throw a monkey wrench in to the combine plus the major national chains often shy absent from this for 1 reason or a further. Often I think it is the additional paperwork it generates. Within the situation of the short discover booking you could have far better luck going to smaller independent ebook shops exactly where the proprietor is on website. Its there exactly where they may seize the opportunity. They tend to be additional open up at a opportunity to ebook an author for an in-store appearance.
The bottom line- There is no method to understand how youll be obtained inside a ebook store whether or not youll sell quite a few publications or even 1 book. But unless of course you attempt it you will be wondering. So my advice would be to try it. See what takes place. Frankly typically what takes place is some thing good that goes way past basically selling a e-book. You might meet a local librarian wholl invite you to talk to a library team or perhaps a member of a ebook club wholl do the same. You might locate a member in the media whos seeking a new angle on the story or simply trying to get some feature tale tips. Soon after you have carried out several book signings youll be able to see if it is really worth your time and work. You may just be surprised.
About Scott Lorenz Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications a public relations and advertising and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with people and entrepreneurs to help them get all of the publicity they are worthy of and extra. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for quite a few authors medical doctors attorneys authors inventors and business people because 1980 and is also an integral component on the technique for lots of authors in their very own guide advertising. Learn much more about Westwind Communications book advertising approach at www.westwindcos.combook or get in touch with Lorenz at or by telephone at 734-667-2090.
Free ebook for kindle

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