Inspiring Kindle Publishing Success Stories for eBook Authors

Amazon launched information about the Kindle Publishing success stories for authors who wish to get associated with self-publishing for Kindle. In the very same month, Amazon also released info about a new wave of e-readers and tablets at a conference in Southern California. According to Amazon, 27 of the leading 100 Kindle Books were developed utilizing the Kindle Direct Publishing. This is a system that eliminates the necessity of conventional publishers and lets authors handle Amazon straight. As an outcome, authors have the ability to get their book released in simple hours.

kindle publishing success stories

Exactly what does this mean for future authors?

Bernard Starr composed for the Huffington Post, specifying that authors no more need a publisher to offer their books. This trend of self-publishing has made authors recognize that if you’re not a big-time author, publishers can do little or none for you at all.

Who were the individuals in Kindle Publishing Success Stories?

Up, we have Hugh Howey, who confessed to earning 6 figures a month by selling his eBooks on Kindle. Before he was an author, Howey was a bookseller and a yacht captain. Now, reports are mentioning that director Ridley Scott has actually optioned his story and New York publishers have actually approached him about book offers. However, he stated that he desired to continue with self-publishing so he does not lose the rights to his works.

Another popular Cinderella story born out of KDP is Colleen Hoover, a mother of 3 kids, who was able to stop her task and buy a new home due to the fact that of her bestselling books on Kindle. She altered her life when she released her very first book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. In January of 2012, she launched her first unique entitled “Slammed”. Her second book “Point of Retreat” was released on February the exact same year. By June 2012, both of her books made it to the top of Kindle’s bestseller list. Today, she has 5 titles to her name as an eBook author. She has actually composed more than 5 novels, with 2 more in the woodworks.

Believe again if you believe that KDP is something that does not guarantee success.

Add a dashing book cover and a powerful blurb or synopsis of your book and you’re all set. It will just take you a couple of days for the book to be published on the network and all you have to do is wait for it to make it to the bestsellers list.

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