Kindle Format – How to convert?

We have lots of reports, books and other documents in PDF format, right? There are others, as well. Thus, ability to read our PDF’s or other documents on Kindle is something that we love.  For this, we need to convert other formats to Kindle format. Before explaining this process let’s learn the basics of Kindle format?

What format does Kindle use?

Kindle usually uses .azw for books, but it can also read .txt files and .MOBI files. The “AZW” format is used for e-books that you buy at Amazon’s Kindle Store. It is the preferred format to ensure maximum readability on the device. It is a variant of the MOBI format, originally created by French company Mobipocket. Amazon purchased Mobipocket and adapted the format for use on the Kindle. As we said, .txt, .mobi, and .prc files are other formats that Kindle supports natively provided that they are DRM-free. Moreover, it supports PDF format with some tweaks, as well, but not all PDF’s display well on Kindle.

kindle format


The Kindle works as a reader for text files, HTML documents, MS Word documents and PDF files; the mail-to-Kindle service can convert them to the Kindle e-book format. While the Kindle can’t read Open Office documents natively, there are several utilities (including Open Office, and Google Apps) which can convert them to Microsoft Word. The Kindle Fire, a fully-fledged Android tablet, can download and install suites like QuickOffice, which allow the tablet to open and edit many Microsoft Office formats.

As we all know, many other e-readers use EPUB format. But Amazon Kindle doesn’t support the EPUB format. However, we can read these ebooks by converting them with the Calibre program.

In terms of media, the Kindle can play MP3 files and audio books of Audible (AA) and Audible Enhanced (AAX) formats from Amazon says it can convert the graphic file formats JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP. Some people are now using the Kindle to read scanned manga comics; a program called Mangle allows you to convert manga if scanned to one of the graphic file formats supported on the Kindle.

Kindle Paperwhite Format is almost the same and supports Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion. If you own a Kindle Fire, then you are also eligible to watch Flash, HTML5 and MPEG 4 video files, as well.

Now let’s talk about converting the most popular conversion…

Convert PDF to Kindle Format

There are three main options: E-mail, by Calibre, and online.

E-mail option: Kindle (or Kindle app) has its own email address, meaning you can send any PDF straight to your device just by attaching it to an email. (You can find this address in the Kindle’s Settings area.) Unfortunately, most PDFs arrive exactly as they are: static images that aren’t optimized for Kindle viewing, and therefore require a lot of zooming and scrolling. If you ask me, they’re almost unreadable in this state. But here’s a little-known fact: Amazon will convert your PDF to raw text when you put the word convert in the subject line of the email. Learn more at:

Calibre option: Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. Calibre can convert from a huge number of formats to a huge number of formats. It supports all the major e-book formats. The full list of formats can be found here. Calibre is mainly used for converting ePub files you own to a format that your Kindle accepts. But, vast majority of readers also use it to convert PDF to Kindle format, as well. Here is how:

Online option: There are many alternative online converters out there. They are usually free. But some of them have paid pro versions which give more features and control. The list below includes the most popular “Convert PDF to Kindle online” websites:

Convert Kindle Format to PDF

Is it possible to convert AZW to PDF? Yes, reverse conversion is also possible. Again, you can use the Calibre software or one of the online services above.  This video explains how to convert Kindle format to PDF:

As a conclusion, it is possible, free and easy to convert other files into Kindle format and enjoy displaying them on our Kindle devices.


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    Fortunately, there are tons of quick and easy ways to convert any ebook format to be read on your Amazon Kindle. These converters range from software, online tools, to mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

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