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Do you know that you don’t need a Kindle device for reading Kindle ebooks from Amazon. Kindle for PC is a piece of software that enables you to read Kindle books from Amazon on your PC. With this software even if you don’t have a Kindle device, you can purchase Kindle books on Amazon and then read them on your PC.


Kindle for PC Review

Kindle for PC is a fantastic choice for eReading on the Windows platform. This software supports basic e-book reader features like bookmarks, text annotation, personal notes and full-screen viewing. Kindle for PC offers eBook consumers a distinct alternative to many of its competitors with its Whispersync and cross platform interoperability. Being able to maintain a persistent library of material across multiple devices and operating systems is a great feature and underlying selling point of the Kindle family. Due to this, individuals who have multiple devices, but spend much of their time with a PC, can find few better alternatives for eReader applications than the diverse and well rounded Kindle for PC. For a detailed review visit:

The most popular version of the software is Kindle for PC Windows 8 and it offers variety of features. Kindle for Windows 8 2.0 can be installed on all versions of Microsoft’s new operating system, including the desktop flavor and the tablet-oriented Windows RT.

Send to Kindle for PC

Amazon offers a Windows application called Send to Kindle, which allows you to send personal documents to your Kindle device from your PC. In the past, you could send documents to your Kindle by e-mailing it to a personalized Kindle e-mail address or by connecting your Kindle to your PC via a USB cable. The Send to Kindle program makes sending your documents even easier by allowing you to right-click on them from Windows Explorer. With Send to Kindle, you can also send documents from any Windows program by choosing to print it, then selecting Send to Kindle as the printer. Here’s how to use Send to Kindle for Windows:

Amazon Kindle for PC Download

You can download this software from its Amazon download page, and after a quick installation you can start downloading and reading eBooks from With Kindle for PC you can download all books that can turn your portable computer or even your desktop computer into a full featured Kindle. It may not look like a Kindle but it can let you read, bookmark and annotate your eBooks.

Kindle for PC Update

Sometimes your Kindle for PC won’t open. If you are one of the guys searching for “kindle for pc not opening”, then your software may not be up to date. Amazon updates this software regularly. You can check the latest version from Amazon’s download page or from a popular software website like

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